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Anam Cara’s online and face-to-face groups provide bereaved parents a safe and comfortable place where they can meet with other bereaved parents. To find out about Anam Cara events or other bereavement support services in your area, please call 01 404 5378 or 085 2888 888 from the Republic of Ireland or 028 9521 3120 from Northern Ireland. Or see our calendar of events here.

Anam Cara would like to thank everyone who so kindly contributed to our video resources, and are delighted to have launched our second series of Podcasts in 2023.

Please find below Anam Cara’s suite of Information Videos for bereaved parents.

1. What is it like to be a bereaved parent

2. What do parents experience in the early stages of loss

3. What is grief and loss like for dads

4. How does grief affect us physically

5. How does grief affect our thoughts and feelings

6. Is there a roadmap to grief

7. What can help us on our journey of grief

8. How can Anam Cara support me

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Original Parent Support Series

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