AnamCara Siblings Forum

Welcome Note

Dear Anam Cara Member,

We would like to welcome you to the Anam Cara Adult Siblings Forum. Over the years this has become a resource versus an active forum. We did consider taking the forum down however felt that it would be some of help to adult siblings after the death of a brother or sister.  You will still need to register and we will verify your details before you will be able to proceed to the forum, this may take a couple of days.

At Anam Cara, we are aware of the importance of privacy and security especially over the internet. To respect the posts of the siblings in the past we would ask you to observe the confidentiality of their posts. We endeavour at all times to keep this forum a safe place for bereaved adult siblings.We would respectfully ask if you are posting messages you would not give any of your personal details or another persons details.

This forum is moderated and we endeavour to keep it safe and secure at all times. If you want to give another member your contact details we would be happy to accommodate you. Just drop an email to , we can then forward your request to the other forum member.

Anam Cara has specific Core Values that we want to uphold at all times to ensure that everyone is sensitive and respectful of each other, they are;
To Respects each Others griefNo one’s grief is greater than another’s No one’s loss less than another’s.
Not to JudgeDon’t judge others by their actions or words, each of us copes differently.
To listen and be listened toAll of us at Anam Cara need support, to be there for each other.
No Recommendations or ShouldsEveryone copes/Survives in different ways.
To Journey onWhile still remembering and talking about our wonderful children and what they mean to us.
To Show consideration for each other’s beliefsBoth Religious and Spiritual
InclusivityThis is an all inclusive group. our common thread is that our children have died. we don’t identify ourselves by how or when or what age they were.
ConfidentialityPlease respect each others privacy on this forum, by not discussing any of the topics posted with 3rd parties.If you are having any problems navigating the forum, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. It takes a little time to get use to it and remember any messages you post you can go back and edit, as you wish.

Thank you, take care and go gently with yourself.

Anam Cara Forum Moderator