Siofra Grace Teape


5th March 2001 – 4th April 2008

Our beautiful and much longed for Siofra Grace arrived in to our lives on Monday 05 March 2001 and from that very first second we were hooked!! For the next 7 years our beautiful little fairy brought so much love and laughter in to our lives and the lives of those around her. She enriched our world beyond all beliefs.

In many ways Siofra was a typical 7 year old girl – her favourite colour was pink, she was mad in to High School Musical, and loved clothes and shoes. Her teacher told us (after Siofra died) that each day Siofra would comment on her outfit and let her know if she liked it. Her teacher also told us how she looked forward to this and misses it every day.

Siofras absolute love of singing and dancing was apparent from the start – we used to say that she was destined for the stage. Through her Irish Dancing, and Dance and Drama classes Siofra got her chance to shine. Siofra was forever singing and dancing – she danced from the minute she got up in the morning and continued to do so all day. She was always making up her own little songs and teaching these to her much adored Caoimhe and Oisin. Siofra gave 100% to whatever she was doing, be it at home or at school. Her love of life was infectious and there for everyone to see.

In putting this tribute together I looked to a book written for Siofra by her friends at school – following are just some of the comments written by her friends about their best friend.

“Siofra made everyone laugh because she was always joking.”
“Siofra was always a great friend to everybody she met”
“Siofra was special “
“Siofra was kind”
“Siofra was a pretty girl who liked pretty things like flowers and the colour pink”
“Siofra didn’t leave anyone out. She made sure everyone was playing”
“I was very lucky to know Siofra”
“Siofra loved everyone”

And all of this is true about Siofra. Siofra was a carer and a giver. She was the kindest, happiest little girl, always smiling and taking care of people. She loved life and she enjoyed living. And she always lived every day to its fullest. Siofra achieved and experienced more in her 7 years than most people will enjoy in a lifetime.

In a school exercise entitled “I like to be me because …..“
Siofra wrote “I am a big sister, I am special, I am good at loving”.
And again this is so true – from the minute Siofra became a big sister (age 2) to Caoimhe and Oisin she loved “her babies” – and the feeling was mutual. Siofra was so proud of her sister and brother, and they of her.

Our beautiful and much loved princess was taken from us so suddenly and so unexpectedly on 4th April 2008. To know Siofra is to love her. She may have only been 7 years old but she touched the hearts of everyone who ever came in contact with her, and she continues to do so. She was not only beautiful on the outside she radiated beauty from within. Her beautiful smile, her hugs and kisses, her crazy dance to make you happy if you felt sad, her silly jokes, her laugh, her kindness – just some of the things which made Siofra unique.

Siofra was and always will be the most wonderful daughter, treasured big sister and much loved friend. Our lives are so much poorer without her in them. We are so grateful for the precious 7 years we enjoyed with Siofra, and the millions of memories we have of our time together. She will never be forgotten.

“We miss your smile, your joking ways
We miss the things you used to say
And when fun times we do recall
It’s then we miss you most of all”

To our beautiful little star in Heaven who is smiling down on us. We love you to Heaven and back. Until we meet again, Daddy, Mummy, Caoimhe, Oisin and Charli (your teddy) xxxxx

“We hope you dance”