Rachel O’Dwyer


10th January 1989 – 12th November 1999

Rachel was born on the 10th January, 1989 and left us for her new home in Heaven on 12th November 1999, aged 10 years and 10 months. She had big blue eyes, long fair hair and was a very funny little lady, always up to tricks and always trying to make people laugh. She was small for her age but had a big heart and loved to do things for everyone. Rachel looked up to her sister Laura who was a year and a half older and wanted so badly to be like her and she couldn’t wait to be a grown up. She was like a little mother to her younger brother Liam and played with him and helped me with him all the time. She also had great time for her brother Bernard who was two years younger and even though all four kids had their moments, they all got on really well and were close. Rachel was a good dancer, a good swimmer and had a massive imagination which led her to write lots of short stories and notes which I now treasure.

If I could talk to Rachel now this is what I would say – “Rachel, we miss you so much since you left. We miss you for all the birthdays, christmasses, special times and every day! We wonder all the time what it would be like now if you were still with us. We also wonder what you are at in Heaven and wonder if you have met up with Nana and Gaga. Sometimes we feel very close to you and each of us have had our own experiences when we know for definite that you have helped us out so thank you for that and do continue to keep an eye on us !! We all love you so much and will for ever and ever. We are glad that we had you for as long as we did and we will always do our best to keep your memory alive so don’t worry – Rachel – you will not be forgotten”

Rachel was a perfectly healthy little girl until the end of October 1999 – then she got a brain virus – encephalitis – something I had never heard of. Two weeks later her life support machine had to be turned off. Since Rachel left us, her family and friends always associate the rainbow with her. We see it as a sign from Rachel in Heaven and it brings us comfort and always puts a smile on our faces or a tear in our eye.

Lots and lots of love and kisses from Mam, Dad, Laura, Bernard and Liam (and Malty too)