Niamh Duffy


Dec 1999 to Sept 2005

Niamh was the third child in our family. She was a Christmas baby. Niamh was a beautiful girl full of mischief and had a great sense of humor. She went though so much medically but this never took from her. She got no special treatment from her sisters and got involved in the rough and tumble of everyday life, sometimes literally. On one occasion she even managed to break her leg coming coming down the slide with her sister. This was funny because Niamh used a wheelchair and the doctors were still trying to work out how she broke her leg on the slide… but she was determined to go on that slide just like her sisters.

Niamh is still one of the best things to have happened our family. She added so much to our lives and we are so thankful that she was part of our family. She showed us a new way of life where everything might not have been perfect but there was always a brighter side and happiness. She taught us how to live life for today and enjoy what we have.

Of course we miss Niamh so much everyday. The house is so quiet without her. We miss her laughs and smiles also. We thought we’d never get through the awful sadness when Niamh passed but in so many ways her life lives on. She will always be a special part of our family and I feel so privileged to have been her mum.

We love you Niamh, miss you so much, but thank you for being in our lives, if only for such a short time.
You made a difference.

Xxx Mam, Niall, Ciara, Clodagh, Ben & Daddy