Eoin McGroddy



What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose.
For all that we love deeply becomes part of us.

This is turning out to be the hardest thing to do, i have written and deleted this tribute nearly a 100 times since we set this page up.
I suppose i want all of you who read this to understand all about EOIN, his short life, his illness, his bravery and most of all of how much we love and miss him.

Eoin was a typical boy, mad into anything that moved especially rally cars, loved watching formula one and chasing cats up trees, running after his brother with a spider in his hand or trying to throw a water balloon at him, when i wasn’t watching of course!!!!!!

He had a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh, no matter how cross i would get with him sometimes, i had to turn away from him amd smile as he would always know how to turn the situation into a happy one.

He had a wonderful relationship with all of us, but especially with his younger brother Paul, so much so that during his illness he insisted that wherever he went “baba” had to be at his side. I have to mention that Eoin has a very special bond with his grandmother and would run to the front door to greet her with a big hug and kiss whenever she visited…

You see i could go on forever telling you how wonderful he was and how brave he was, but  the fact is our lives are empty without him, our dreams, our aspirations and everything we wished for him gone. The journey since he left us has been very hard, what keeps us going is that we believe that we will all be together again one day.

Having said all that i am so proud and privileged to have had him for those short 6 years and 4 months, so my brave, beautiful, blond, blue-eyed boy, until I hold you again, until we meet again, we send you all our love on the rainbows and in the rain drops and on the wings of all the butterflies, forever and ever in our hearts.

Mummy, Daddy, Paul and Baby Conor xxxxxx