In the early hours of Friday 13th June 2003, our family’s most treasured gift peacefully took his leave of us to begin a new journey. He is already on his way and just as his home and life was filled with laughter and music, today we continue in celebration of that life.

Carl was gifted to us at a difficult time 18 years ago, but whilst his Grandads passing at that time was the source of our grief. Carl was the source of our hope.

No doubt it is remarked about all babies at some point “Oh, that one has been here before” but I can’t remember a day it was not said about Carl, a wise and funny baby – the things he would become were always there.

He had something of his Grandads legacy I think, the mischevious eyes and grin, the quick wit. It would all too soon become apparent his Nana’s dignity and thoughtfulness. But more than this at just 18 Carl was already very much his own person – warm and funny, proud and principled. I think it is this blend of qualities that accounts for what we have had the enourmous privilege to witness a journey taken with perfect steel and serenity.

Carl was deeply loved by all who knew him, his Mam and Dad, adored brother and sister, his entire family and a loyal band of comrades who simply define friendship — and he truly earned every ounce of that love and respect. Yes, he was just 18 yet he had achieved everything.

There is no doubt in my mind that today Carl is in a better place — a kinder a gentler place, more fitting of a kinder gentler soul. We still have our photgraphs, our memories and Carl in our hearts, but something more…..

A reminder of the responsibilty that each of us has to make this place a kinder a gentler place for the short time that we are here.

Perhaps, Perhaps,

That can be