Cal Healy


1997 – 2004

I never dreamed there would be a time when we would say goodbye. I can hear you say “please don’t cry”. I know someday our branches will again interwine.

My mind keeps asking why, I will never see you again or hear your laugh or see your big blue dancing eyes, I wish you were here. There is an empty place no one can ever fill.

The memories of the times we shared together live now only in our memories. People say time is a great healer but in those words I find no understanding or comfort.

I remember how much you loved boating and swimming, you were so content doing those things with your Dad.

You were so full of fun and mischief and you were growing into such a beautiful boy. We are so proud of you and thank God for the seven wonderful years we had with you.

The evening they told us you had a Midbrain Tumour, which was inoperable, was the worst moment of our lives. You were still so healthy looking and had so much energy, we just could not take it in.

You survived for just 10 weeks after diagnosis. Our beautiful boy had died before we could even grasped the enormity of the diagnosis. I don’t remember much of the 10 weeks but I will never forget the night you told me you were going to heaven, I cried and asked you to stay with me but you firmly told me you were going back to holy God and I know that is where you are now, free from all your pain.

We love you and miss you so much,

Mum, Dad, Rebecca, Eric and Nicola.