When A Child Dies: Footsteps of a Grieving Family

By Jim O'Shea - ISBN-10: 1847300782

This book will be of great help to siblings as well as to parents of bereaved children. by children I include adult children of any age, as well as children who die in the womb, infants, preteens and teenagers.

This is one of the few books that gives a voice to siblings. all my surviving children wrote for this book, and contemporary diaries are used. Generally the focus is on the bereaved parents, and the pain and suffering of siblings often goes unnoticed. this book shows how deep and longlasting this suffering is.

Longing for My Child: Reflections for Parents and Siblings After a Child’s Death

By Christine O'Keeffe - ISBN-10: 0829417540

The death of a child leaves parents, siblings, relatives, and friends devastated by a life lost too soon.

In a series of touching profiles written by parents and siblings, the lives of infants, children, teenagers, and adult children are remembered and celebrated.

Accompanying meditations address the various stages of grief and recount the real experiences of those living through them.

Always with You

By Gloria Hunniford

On April 13th, 2004 Gloria Hunnifords 41 year old daughter, Caron Keating, died after a secret seven year battle with cancer. The world that had changed with Caron’s diagnosis, now shattered. Life had been cruelly interrupted, a black hole opened in Glorias heart, she was consumed with the unimaginable grief that the loss of a child brings and she was alone. Or so she felt. Within days of Caron’s death letters started to arrive.

People who had lost their children felt compelled to write. Strangers understood what she was going through often more than the family and friends standing next to her. There were many, many dark days but the letters kept coming and somehow she managed to do the impossible. Wake up everyday, get out of bed, breath. The black hole is still there, sometimes as big as ever, but she has found a way to live with it, around it.

This is the story of how Gloria and her family survived Carons death, but it is not only her story. It is written for those who held her while she raged. It is written for all those people who helped her through that first terrible year by writing, but mostly it is written for the many thousands who didn’t. Grief is lonely, but as this book shows, you are not alone.

The Heavenly Village

By Cynthia Rylant

This book helps make sense for people dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one. The book is extremely good for children and adults alike. It is simple and not haughty or deeply theological. It is a quick easy read whose philosophy can be interpreted at both the child and adult levels.

The book helped me realize that death need not be the big monster in the closet that no one wants to talk about. Death, by this book’s definition, is a natural progression, even if it comes early in one’s life. The end is yet just another beginning. .

Water Bugs and Dragon Flies

By Doris Stickney (1996) Mowbray

This little tiny book is a wonderful tale for small children about the difficulty of knowing what lies beyond the grave. In the most delicate and gentle way, the authors use the metaphor of the dragonfly larva, who live below the surface of the water, and the adult dragonflies, to illustrate the notion of someone going beyond our sight, to a marvelous place. They can’t return to tell us about it. we just have to wait our turn.

The authors’ notes help to provide a spiritual context for talking to a young child about the death of someone close. I am an Episcopalian, and found the language and theology very congruent with our tradition.

Badgers Parting Gifts

By Susan Varley

An excellent book which is enjoyable to simply read but is most useful in using as a tool to introduce young children to the idea of mortality.

It really helped to get across quite difficult ideas such as the fact that memories of shared times can keep someone alive.

What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?

By Trevor Romain & Elizabeth Verdick

This book is great for children – it cover those delicate questions about death and what happens after a death

Well worth a buy, if you are a bereavement counselor, teacher, doctor or parent, you should have this book.

Using plain simple language that kids understand, this book is brilliant.

Before You Sleep

By Benji Bennett & Illustrated by Roxanne Burchartz

“Before You Sleep” is an affectionate and wonderfully illustrated children’s bedtime story book filled with warmth, love and adventure and emphasises the importance of love, laughter and play within the family. Supporting Barretstown children’s charity this book offers parents a unique opportunity to enter the fascinating world of a child and express their love for their child through a series of magical adventures, powerful verse & imaginative illustrations.

Available to buy on www.adamsprintingpress.ie

Anam Cara

By John O Donoghue - Bantam Press

A collection of poetry, fiction and essays compiled by a journalist and a social worker, both of whom have lost a child. This book explores the shock, the grief and the search for meaning that come with the death of a child.

Reader Review

“The name Anam Cara is relating to the idea that we are all Soul Friends, the book is lovely and John O’Donoghue explains how your Anam Cara understands and knows how you are feeling, with your Anam Cara you can be yourself… I think that is how I feel when we are together as bereaved parents, there is no pretense, we can say what we really feel!”
Sharon Vard